About Us

Ron’s Custom Carpentry has been serving the Northern Neck area since 2001 and was started by Ron Edwards.  Ron has been in the construction business for almost 20 years and started learning the trade when he was 10 years old.  Ron and his father would build crafts in their workshop and practice the fundamentals of carpentry.  Ron knew early on in life that he was going to grow up and become a carpenter.  The ability to take a piece of lumber and mold the lumber into something that is someone’s dream is an amazing feeling.

Ron’s Custom Carpentry holds the highest standards to their craftsmanship and customers should expect this kind of service.  We believe in our work being above “code” and want to ensure the customer has a last memory with Ron’s Custom Carpentry.  Ron’s Custom Carpentry will work with the customer to ensure the project is exactly what the customer had envisioned.

Ron’s Custom Carpentry is fully insured and state certified.  We have a crew that is devoted to ensuring the customer receives everything that they desire. 

When you think of Ron’s Custom Carpentry, please associate the following three words “Dependable, Quality, Craftsmanship.” If you demand as much out of your construction project as we do, please give us a call.  We promise that we will make you glad that you did.


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